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Construction Management

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    Construction is one of the defining characteristics of humans. A building almost always serves a purpose that transcends its functional aspects. Despite construction being such an impactful activity we find our neighbourhoods littered with examples of poorly conceived or executed constructions. Failure to attend to details, lack of concern for our surroundings and eco system lead to this situation. Besides causing perennial maintenance problems, the life span of such constructions get depleted over a period of time. The author has been an active Civil Engineer for almost 60 years. He worked for MES, GREF and ISRO/DOS, and eventually retired as Chief Engineer, Civil Engineering Division, ISROI DOS. In this book he discusses some of the key aspects in Construction Management. He has collated many of the practices and learnings from his vast and varied experience. This book can benefit everyone involved in construction right from a first-time builder to a seasoned engineering professional. 

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